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The GAO has exposed rates of fraud in all the socio-economic programs, and the recommendation was for independent verification of the company and the individual qualifications. Established by Public Law 109-461, the Center for Veteran Enterprises (CVE) at is the sole control agency for the VET/SDVOB program.

PL 109-461; Sec 8127 Small business concerns owned and controlled by veterans: contracting goals and preferences (e) Eligibility of Small Business Concerns- A small business concern may be awarded a contract under this section only if the small business concern and the veteran owner of the small business concern are listed in the database of veteran-owned businesses maintained by the Secretary under subsection (f). (f) Database of Veteran-Owned Businesses- (1) Subject to paragraphs (2) through (6), the Secretary shall maintain a database of small business concerns owned and controlled by veterans and the veteran owners of such business concerns. 2) To be eligible for inclusion in the database, such a veteran shall submit to the Secretary such information as the Secretary may require with respect to the small business concern or the veteran. (3) Information maintained in the database shall be submitted on a voluntary basis by such veterans. (4) In maintaining the database, the Secretary shall carry out at least the following two verification functions: (A) Verification that each small business concern listed in the database is owned and controlled by veterans. (B) In the case of a veteran who indicates a service-connected disability, verification of the service-disabled status of such veteran. (5) The Secretary shall make the database available to all Federal departments and agencies and shall notify each such department and agency of the availability of the database.

What does verification mean to the customer?
It means that an outside organization has examined the paper records of both the individual and the corporation to ascertain the claim of both a) service-related disability and b) corporate ownership and control.

Technik Consulting under Mr. Kohnke is registered and Verified at the VetBiz.Gov organization, the only federal organization that physically reviews the records of the veteran and the company. Working with a CVE-Verified company ensures the validity of the individual and the organization, reducing the risk to the customer of contracting with a fraudulent organization. To view the status of any company claiming to be ‘certified’ as either Veteran or SDVOB, please go to the Vendor Information Page of at:

All other federal sites, including the CCR and DSBS, have the less-secure self-certified status. Most states have only a self-certification process as well. With the growing rate of fraud in all the socio-economic programs, we recommend that buying organizations use to view the CVE-Verified status of companies for SDVOB acquisitions.

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